My 25th Birthday

This year's birthday was by far one of the best birthdays that I've ever had. In the past, I used to make a really big deal about planning a party and inviting people and setting up cute decorations. Stuff never went as planned and I always spent my birthday disappointed. But this year I just invited my 3 best friends over and we made no set plans other than to hang out and spend time together. That resulted in a fun photoshoot, a spontaneous sleepover, dinner with my family, playing music, and lots of talking and laughter. And my mom made the most delicious dinner and decorated the kitchen with tassels and strands of lights. Anyone who knows me, knows that quality time and thoughtful acts are strongest love languages, so this birthday was one of the best gifts that I could have ever received. 

And as if that wasn't good enough as is, my friends surprised me (which isn't that easy to do) by all getting together to create a dancing and lip-syncing video for me. I cried with laughter. And a month later, I still find it absolutely fantastic and hilarious. Enjoy! 

Thanks, Mom, Dad, Grandma, James, Liz, Annie, and Leah for making my birthday absolutely wonderful!