Noonday Collection hosted a contest for ambassadors with different prompts to inspire our outfits each day. One day the prompt was "taking a risk". I love fashion and trying new things when it comes to what I wear, so wearing the jewelry and styling it is an easy thing. Showing my personality, being vulnerable, asking people to host shows, telling anyone and everyone about Noonday Collection, now that's risky for me. I used to be painfully shy and spent a great deal of my childhood having my mom talk for me. If you had told me several years ago that I'd be walking into a stranger's house and sharing stories with a whole group of women I've never met, I would have laughed in your face (actually no I probably wouldn't have because I'd be too scared to look you in the eye). But over the years I've been gaining confidence, thanks to the grace of God, and the lovely community of Noonday ambassadors. And now I'm able to "roar" for the artisans and myself. So I decided to style the Roar necklace 3 different ways to show that even though it looks edgy and hard to pull off wearing, you can really wear it no matter what your style is. And of course I had to show you my best dance moves along with the styling to get out of my comfort zone.